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João Louro

12 Apr - 17 May 2008

© João Louro

April 12 - May 17, 2008

Louro will present architectural drawings of sites where movies were filmed: “Diamonds are Forever” filmed in The Elrod House, Palm Springs by John Lautner; “LA Confidential” filmed in the Lovell House, Los Angeles, by Richard Neutra; “Le Mépris” (with B. Bardot) filmed in the Malaparte House (Capri, Italy) by Libera and Malaparte. Louro studied architecture at the University of Lisbon and painting at the Arco School of Visual Art. The result is a relationship to the finished object that goes beyond art historical references and uses language and image as his tools. He does not confine himself to a single medium; taking ideas as a starting point, he uses painting, sculpture, photography, drawing as well as film, selecting media as an architect selects the team that construct his vision.

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