Christopher Grimes

Max Jansons

05 Sep - 11 Oct 2008

© Max Jansons
Swiss Painting III, 2007
Oil on linen, MJ043

Main Gallery

September 5-October 11, 2008

Christopher Grimes Gallery is pleased to present Pleasure, a solo exhibition of new paintings by Max Jansons and I measure myself Against a tall tree, works from Elizabeth Tremante in the South Gallery.
“In an age filled with a constant flow of images and media, a painting’s ability to create a slow and intimate experience is one of its greatest assets,” is how Jansons describes his paintings’ aptitude for intimacy, which relates to the smaller scale of his new body of work.
Jansons’ use of nature and antiquated objects as subjects are intuitively reinforced by his employment of vintage techniques: linen primed in lead, paint ground in aged oil, and pigments whose sources are extinct. He has aligned himself with historical American painters such as Marsden Hartley and Arthur Dove by creating work inspired by daily life. Jansons elaborates further on the his relationship to painting and the subjects he chooses to paint:
I blur the distinction between the abstract and the material world. I consider myself a painter of things and I paint to experience the pleasure of seeing and the pleasure of painting these things...The exchange that exists within the work between the old and the new, history and the present, acts a metaphor for the project and the process of painting.
A New York native, Jansons currently lives and works in Santa Monica, California. He received his MFA from Columbia University and his BFA from UCLA. He participated in two solo exhibitions in 2004 and 2005 at Wooster Arts Space in New York. His work was included in the group shows Far Out at View Room Exhibitions in New York, curated by Joseph Roeder, and Some Dumb Fun, curated by David Pagel for the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

Tags: Arthur Dove, Marsden Hartley