April Gertler, 9 Lives, 2010/2016, Kreide, 350 x 350 cm, 23 1⁄2 Karat – goldener Schnitt durch Berlin, 1988-90, Intervention im Stadtraum
Sofie Thorsen, Tokyo March, 2009, Installation mit Diaprojektion, 154 Dias, 11 Min

Die Ausstellung LINEAR MOMENTUM behandelt die Linie in ihrem Verhältnis zu unserer Bewegung im urbanen und ländlichen Raum. Sie nähert sich dem Thema daher weniger über die traditionell mit der Linie verbundene Gattung der Zeichnung als vielmehr über performative Arbeiten sowie Collage, Wandmalerei, Fotografie und Video. Dabei ist der Titel Linear momentum paradigmatisch für die Ausstellung und spiegelt eine Eigenschaft der Linie selbst wider, die als Verbindung zweier Punkte stets auf ihre mit Bewegung verbundene Genese verweist. Temporalität und Bewegung sind der Linie inhärent und bilden die Folie, vor der die ausgewählten Arbeiten gesehen werden können. Linear momentum betrachtet die Linie somit aus einer zeitlichen und räumlichen; einer performativen Perspektive.

Teilnehmende KünstlerInnen: Simon Faithfull/UK, April Gertler/US, Vanessa Henn/DE, IEPE/NL, Melanie Irwin/AS,, Pia Linz/DE, Plan b/UK, Richard Rocholl/DE und Sofie Thorsen/DK

Kuratiert von Conny Becker



A two and a half month group exhibition titled LINEAR MOMENTUM will be held at Galerie im Körnerpark in Berlin. The exhibition will include artworks in a range of media that address the drawn line and its relationship with movement through the city and through the landscape. It is the extended version of Linear Momentum that was shown in Melbourne in late 2015 at TCB art inc.

LINEAR MOMENTUM will feature a series of drawn lines that relate to the movement of human bodies through space. Rather then approaching the theme through drawing, the genre traditionally associated with the line, the exhibition approaches the line from a temporal and spatial – a performative – perspective. The exhibition will identify some parallels, but also the various approaches and processes of the ten artists, including a range of media (performance, photography, video, a slide projection, collage, and drawing).

In some works, the line features as a visually prominent formal device in the image, traced by the artist as a stitched thread or a photographed stripe of moving light. In other works, existing utilitarian lines (overhead tram cables, the Greenwich Meridian) determine the artist’s performative physical trajectory and the focus of these works is on the body’s adaptability as it diligently adheres to these predetermined paths. This exhibition will bring together ten diverse experimental approaches to explore the potential of a fundamental artistic gesture – the drawn line – and its relationship with our navigation of space and time.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a performance at the opening, a second performance and a book presentation on the 24th of November, and a concert at the finissage on th21st of January 2017. Guided tours and a booklet will communicate the curatorial and artistic ideas.

Participating artists: Simon Faithfull/UK, April Gertler/US, Vanessa Henn/DE, IEPE/NL, Melanie Irwin/AS,, Pia Linz/DE, plan b/UK, Richard Rocholl/DE, and Sofie Thorsen/DK

Curated by Conny Becker