Image from: The Mousetrap Book: On dealing with institutions in contemporary curatorial practice, edited by Aneta Szylak and Andrzej Szczerski, Gdansk, 2007.
Occasion // Presentation of The Mousetrap Book: On dealing with institutions in contemporary curatorial practice in Berlin, General Public presents on May 8, 2008, 7pm a discussion on potentialities of different institutional structures, in conjunction with a thematic screening. The event is a discursive update of the publication, which has been published in 2007 as the edited version of a workshop of WYSPA Institute of Art in Gdansk/Polen.

Discussion // Nina Möntmann (Hamburg, KKH/Stockholm), Barbara Steiner (GfZK, Leipzig), Aneta Szylak (WYSPA, Gdansk) and Thomas Wulffen (Berlin). Authors of the publication discuss questions like What are the qualities of different institutional patterns? Which limits include definitions like anti- or post-institutional? Which kind of agility does institution allow? Which kind of visibility is produced? The aim of the panel is a controversial and productive discussion based on diverse perspectives toward ‘institution’: By its specific objectives, the venue – General Public – provides a reflective frame of critical cultural production and institution as collaborative networking. The point is, to scrutinize different institutional conceptions and expectations towards organised structures in order to avoid simple classifications (e.g. ‘institutional critique’) both from curatorial as well as institutional practice. The panel is held in English, moderated by Doreen Mende.

Screening // Chris Evans, Judith Hopf/Deborah Schamoni, Hiwa K., Saskia Holmkvist, William Hunt, Edward Krasinski, Valerie Tevere, Carey Young.The discussion is followed by a thematic screening. The videos and films look microscopically at neuralgic points and production conditions within institutional settings. The selection of the works reports about a variety of possibilities to act and to reflect. The investigations consider expectations, role behaviour, transference processes, activity dynamics as well as space as material or as a place of function.

Organized by Doreen Mende and the members of General Public. An event on May 8, 2008.

Supported by the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Berlin.