Gavin Brown


04 May - 23 Jun 2012

© Sturtevant
Elastic Tango, 2010
TRT: 11:02
Rock & Rap /C Simulacra
4 May – 23 June 2012

Sturtevant. This is the artist’s first exhibition in the US for 7 years.

She has been living in Paris for over 20 years. In that time the world has caught up with Sturtevant. Known superficially for her replicas of the work of her contemporaries, she has been consistently opaque and mistaken for something else. This is not a copy. It is itself. The twin is only such because of the existence of the other (twin). Without, the one born first is alone. And yet together they define their difference from one other.

For nearly 50 years Sturtevant has lived a life of armed struggle in the cause of intellectual freedom. She is the annihilator of heritage, of copyright and uniqueness. In this she has been consistently insistent. Her world, her view, has now come into our field of vision. The condition of the simulacrum has come to pass. It reigns supreme. Sturtevant prefigured, in a visionary way, the impact of cybernetics and the digital revolution. We now inhabit the world with eyes as wide as hers ever were.

Elastic Tango/Rock & Rapc Simulacra is the altarpiece of our alienation. It is the Brutal Truth - that now we inhabit the hive with her and the work of art is the scrim through which we touch the physical world outside. Each image of this world out of reach - each edit and each shared simultaneous moment underlines our separation from reality. The mega-pop 'reality' of these images is a mask of truth that hides the lies.

Sturtevant (b. 1930, Lakewood, Ohio) lives and works in Paris, France. Recent exhibitions include retrospective at the Musee Moderne de la Ville de Paris in 2010, 'The Razzle Dazzle of Thinking' and 'Image over Image', which is currently showing at the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, and will move to Kunsthalle Zurich later in the year. Sturtevant was awarded The Golden Lion award for Lifetime Achievement at the Venice Biennale in 2011.

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