To Nature

13 Mar - 24 May 2010

TO NATURE. The ALTANA Kulturstiftung (Cultural Foundation)

13.03.2010 - 24.05.2010

Curated by Andrea Firmenich, Johannes Janssen und/and Barbara Steiner

The ALTANA Kulturstiftung's art collection brings together almost 600 works of contemporary international art that deal with the subject of nature, including works by Georg Baselitz, Anna Gaskell, Roni Horn, Alex Katz, Anselm Kiefer, Marie-Jo Lafontaine and Kiki Smith. Various images and conceptions bump into each other: poetic, existential and medialed ones. An interest in ecology connects with aesthetics. The ALTANA Collection has been on tour since November 2008, making itself known to a new audience. The first station on its journey was the Museum Frieder Burda in Baden-Baden, followed by the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig and the Langen Foundation in Neuss. One feature the various host institutions share with each other is the way they open themselves to their respective surroundings, allowing inside and outside to merge with one another so that nature itself features as a part of the respective exhibition. What the various institutions and the ALTANA Kulturstiftung furthermore have in common is that they principally have private backing to thank for their founding. In addition to the collection's unifying theme of nature, the Leipzig exhibition takes the opportunity to discuss the role and value of private engagement in art from various different perspectives.

Tags: Georg Baselitz, Anna Gaskell, Roni Horn, Alex Katz, Anselm Kiefer, Marie-Jo Lafontaine, Kiki Smith, A.L. Steiner, Barbara Steiner, Barbara Steiner