Workers Leaving the Workplace

22 Aug - 27 Sep 2009

Aleksandar Batista Ilic in collaboration with Ivana Keser, Tomislav Gotovac, Weekend Art: Hallelujah the Hill, 1995-2005
Curated by Joanna Sokolowska

22.08.2009 - 27.09.2009
Opening on 14-AUG-09 at 7 p.m.

Curated by Joanna Sokolowska

Artists: Miklos Erhardt, Anna Molska, Julita Wojcik, Karol Radziszewski, Skart, Weekend Art: Aleksandar Batista Ilic in collaboration with/in Zusammenarbeit mit Ivana Keser, Tomislav Gotovac

he exhibition comprises works, that question the modified production relations in Eastern European societies that are undergoing transition, particularly relating to new labour concepts. Can artists construct a symbolic capital and new social forms in the places where secure jobs are disappearing and social relationships and leisure models shaped by outdated employment relationships are being broken down in the process of transition? > Arbeiter verlassen die Fabrik < (Workers Leaving the Factory) is the title of the famous essay film by Harun Farocki dedicated to different cinematic representations of this theme in the industrial age. What happens though to workers who have long abandoned their factories because most no longer exist? They re-emerge as actors of artistic production in immaterial form in the >social factory< - the museum.

The exhibition is supported by Polish Institute Berlin (Leipzig).

Tags: Harun Farocki, Tomislav Gotovac, Anna Molska, Karol Radziszewski