Photography series / installation

My work “Digital Ruins/Ground Views – Digitale Ruinen/Bodenansichten” consists of an archive of found pictures from the world wide web, here particularly from Google Maps 3D views, with which I investigate digital aesthetics and “errors” produced by algorithms. The series consists of image maps with different aesthetic characteristics: from the dissolution of forms to sculptural and painterly elements. The aesthetic cosmos and pictorial spaces emerging are examined, translated into photography and archived, creating an “archive of the archive”. The work can be contextualised at the intersections of photography and space, spatial image and pictorial space, image and sculpture. The virtual products and their media-based aesthetics of the generated image contain a new visual language formulated by myself, which I show in work groups and series as well as in spatial installations. The work contains themes of authorship, photography without a camera, generated image generation, but also the political mixture situation. The algorithm-based technology not only affects our perception and presumably actions, but also generates them itself. On the one hand, the border between the virtual spatial image and the viewer is blurred by the action of the navigation. On the other, it also persists through the artificiality of the pictorial spaces.

Text © Kathrin Ganser