Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein

Standstill is a Particular Form of Movement

03 Jul - 23 Aug 2009

Image: Simon Wachsmuth

03 July – 23 August 2009

An exhibition with Eran Schaerf and Simon Wachsmuth and works by Hamish Fulton, Frantisek Lesak, Heinrich Reinhold.

Eran Schaerf is interested in historical and current political phenomena, but also in individual experiences. He processes both collective and subjective experiences of history in multilayered installations. In addressing the theme of codes, or the behaviour patterns of individuals or groups, Schaerf makes repeated reference to philosophy and the history of architecture.
Simon Wachsmuth has been preoccupied for some time now with the cultural construction of nature and our experience of it. The exhibition settings he creates, while being reminiscent of scientific experimental procedures, actually dismantle the supposed precision of the natural sciences. Wachsmuth’s works seem to be a test of far he can go with visual reduction and yet still be able to point out complex cultural contexts and constructions.
This is the first time the two Berlin-based artists have worked together on an exhibition project.
The Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein is showing this exhibition on the occasion of the exhibition “Hast du meine Alpen gesehen? – Eine jüdische Beziehungsgeschichte” at the Jewish Museum Hohenems (26 April to 4 October 2009)

Tags: Hamish Fulton, Eran Schaerf, Simon Wachsmuth