Kunstverein Hamburg

One Hundred Percent Of Exhibitions Ignore Eighty Percent Of The World

13 Jun - 27 Sep 2020

13 June – 27 September 2020

Like most branches of public life, the arts and culture scene has considerably suffered during the Corona crisis over the past few months and continues to do so. A time of upheaval like this is nevertheless an opportunity to rethink how we work and to develop new possibilities for presenting art. A clear sign and perceptible feeling of this is the unity and display of solidarity among all artists. Multi-discipline collaborations can come out of a variety of collective endeavors.

With the experimental exhibition series BEING LAID UP WAS NO EXCUSE FOR NOT MAKING ART, the Kunstverein in Hamburg would like to set an example of solidarity: in two chapters, actors from different branches of the arts and culture scene in Hamburg who had to cancel their events will be invited over the summer to present their work together with many international colleagues.

The first chapter of the exhibition series checks in on the status of Humor post-#MeToo, feminism today, and how we imagine continuing to live together. The second chapter will give diverse and very different voices a chance to speak in the Corona Sound System in order to reflect on the possibilities of sound in empty spaces. Sounds ranging from minimal ambient to radio play can be experienced, which will open up the space to let oneself fall between the NOW and the sound/melody. Seating is provided.

There will be two very different exhibitions, which play experimentally with formats, widening them and pushing them to the limit in order to provide surprising insights. Because even in the past few months, there was no excuse for not making art.