We are searching still. There are no ways to find what are we looking for.
But life will return to normal.
...Or as normal as it can get after the breakdown of capitalist societz and for an anarchist in the frontlines in the ultimate fight against the creature here who wish to take over EVERYTHING.

I am thinking. I think so much.
We, the group, were allowed to recuperate from psychic and physical injuries sustained by our last adventures, and now we are back at work. We, the team, left the bomb shelter in the luxuriously overgrown Hudson River to find a place to fight against a king mobster in Tulsa. In and Out. It should be easy. They are subverting freedom, of not only thought, the ultimate fade to white is approaching.

Japan: Now: 1980
Water moves.

In fromer NY, or the surrounding territory: Now We are all staring at it, trying to figure out what it is that we are looking at. The configurations of lines are impossible to interpret. Unclear. Someone says, "This is bad", so we decide to arrange a way to get to San Francisco. We have no idea if what we went through was worth it. What if our researcher says it is children's scribble, someone says.
What is the chance that we have what we need? I think it is higher then you think, darling.

London: Now:
They all remember the morning of the incident, exactly 13 years ago. It was a military doctor who finally made the diagnosis. The victims had been expose to lethal doses of Sarin, the same gas Nazi Germany had used during WWII. How is it possible to fold time and space, they asked. No one could or would answer. They attract time-space as well as the three dimensions we know as space. How many dimensions does time have?

Back in NY, Now:
I would very much like the master to speak through the VCR to me and tell me what to do, but he doesen't. Not anymore. I think he did once.

After we failed to produce enough electricity for the NY subway system to drain itself of water, Manhattan was doomed. It took only three years for the system of tunnels to collapse. That was a few decades faster then the most careful estimates.

The first revolution engendered by the capitalist world has broken out, Lenin said. And he was proven right that it was not the last time. But he was mistaken. It was the anarchists that proved strong and strangely organized. Not in the capitalist sens of the word, but in their own sense. They were, together with the farmers and fishermen, able to retain self-sustainability and live in always-smaller groups.

The ice on Greenland melted. This stopped the Gulf Stream and brought Europe into something close to an ice age. Not one of theose fantastic 30.000 BC type of ice ages, beause the production of CO2 was too high. 350 ppm in the atmosphere makes it too warm for that. And the sun in never yellow anymore; it is always orange, even at high noon.

It is all a question, and thus a problem, of geometry. In the subjective universe we all sense that we do not really understand more than four dimensions. It is clear also, that time could have, like space, more then one dimension. The question is, how can we come to understand that? Because, to use the words of David Deutsch, all human Knowledge, including science, consists primarily of explanations. We need a new explanation, more than one, maybe, in order to explain this multiple dimension-time. We do not know how.

Japan: Now: 19999
A frog jumps. It can see individual photons. We humans can't.

It started wit the attack. But that was not what set in motion the large movement of anarchists deciding to tear down the fabric of the thing we called reality, capitalism. My mother could more easily imagine the end of the world then the end of capitalism. Well, here we all are.

The end of capitalism was also the end of modern life.
Overproduction of un-needed electricity concided withe the collapse of one of the global heat engines: the Gulf Stream. A lot happened at the same time: first, the lack of information and communication with others faraway was painful. We were addicted. As it happened, we had to learn to live without door-to-door delivery of everything we needed. We had to start fighting again.

Scientists would have loved this. They would have conducted experiments and researched people's reactions. As their predictions became more accurate, they would propbably have new theories. These theories would have spawned more tests and experiments and the outline would force through a succesion of revolutionary changes. Thus, observation of ever-smaller physical effects would (maybe) forces them to narrow their world view. It is smaller than our world. Perspectives collapsed when Manhattan began to sway, skyscrapers and high rises started to move. On their own. Then the water came. It rose. Water everywhere.

It is reasonable to believe that if this sustained, and we humans were isolated from each other for centuries to millions of years, that some of us would adapt, perfectly, to the high land and the mountains, and others would become sea creatures.

It was expected that the steel columns of New York's subway systems, although soaked in water, would hold New York up for a few decades. They didn't. So, we guess that we should also be worried about the metal castings containing plutonium in the bombs we made.

Force A2 travelled to the nearest military base with bombs. The corrosion was quicker then suspected or estimated. But what can we do? Soon the earths normal radiation will be stronger then the radiation of the weapons. Maybe in a few hundred thousand years.

I have no problem with this development. I live nature. My teeth hurt and I guess that I will die of an infection sooner or later, but I feel free. I think more than before. I think about life and about us, I try to come up with solutions. I have no problems with the world going backwards and killing humans. I like nature, but I hate racoons, and small predators. The cats kill dogs and foxes. I am afraid of cats