Magazin4 Bregenzer Kunstverein

Walker & Walker

04 Jun - 23 Aug 2015

© Walker & Walker
32 × 17 × 1 cm
Courtesy the artists
Return Inverse
4 June – 23 August 2015

Joe Walker and Pat Walker are twin brothers who have been working together since 1989. Their work is research driven and diverse in range. Their investigations extend into their experimentation with materials and methods. They work in a number of materials ranging from labour intensive installations and complex narrative driven films to works such as a single halogen light bulb embedded in the gallery wall.
The proposed body of work while diverse in form and medium has at its heart the undoing of things that are presented as stable and are often within a binary structure. By emphasizing factors such as things that cannot be defined through language, muteness or the misreading of a text or the passing of time or the juxtaposition of opposing forces, a third element is induced into play, bringing together positions of before and after into a state a becoming, instead of separating them. When a rupture occurs, the overlooked or the ill defined or unresolved open a circular narrative and certain stabilities are shifted.
According to Georges Bataille there is a blind spot in humans understanding corresponding to the structure of the eye, which explains why our theoretical understanding is dependent on visible models. By further developing this model we can arrive at a point where things turn into their reverse, where lucidity is a form of blindness and day becomes night.

Tags: Georges Bataille