A project about memory itself

A tension between what is present and what is sensed but cannot be touched continues to be the most consistent theme in my work.

Chaos predominates in our world. There are no boundaries, everything is in flux and patterns are temporary, yet we try to live by detected networks and systems. I look at this duality and see the sensuality of the temporary.

For my latest project, the title came first: A Space Once Occupied, Now Empty.
I started thinking on the different ways I memorize:

Once a space is empty, and I remember how it was before, I try to remember the shape of what was there. The space it took up.
This is one part of the series and I drew it on the lighter colored paper made of bark. I wanted to draw the boundaries from within that space taken up, and this resulted in more crystalline shapes.

Once a space is empty you also search. For any trace, whiff, anything left behind.
That part of the series I drew on the unadulterated darker colored bark paper and more amorphous shapes appeared.

There is a futility in trying to remember the whole, but I am hoping there is a chance to trigger that imprint.