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Lake Möhnesee & Kunstverein Arnsberg

20 - 30 Jul 2017

Raul Walch
Daniel Knorr
Tanaz Modabber
Tanaz Modabber, Daniel Knorr
Aram Bartholl
Marco Bruzzone
Marco Bruzzone
Fabian Knecht
Fabian Knecht
Mirjam Thomann
20-30 July 2017
Lake Möhnesee

28 July - 10 September 2017
Kunstverein Arnsberg

Øystein Aasan, Aram Bartholl, Kerstin Brätsch, Julian Breuer, Marco Bruzzone, Nine Budde, Burghard, Eric Ellingsen, Andreas Greiner, Knut Henrik Henriksen, Theresa Kampmeier, Daewha Kang, Fabian Knecht, Daniel Knorr, Tanaz Modabber, Swantje La Moutte, Ulrike Mohr, Reto Pulfer, Anton Quiring, Yorgos Sapountzis, Mirjam Thomann, Raul Walch, Tilman Wendland, Ella Ziegler

The exhibition ‘Odyssee’ takes place in water. All artworks have been conceived for the water, and visitors are invited to swim, row or sail between the works.

Instead of the usual foundational elements of walls, ceiling and floor, in this exhibition the artists have to deal with water, weather and wildlife. Even the water is not entirely reliable, with the water level varying depending on rainfall and industry. In the presence of such uncertainties, the artists must rethink their methods of artistic production and presentation in order to develop new works especially for the exhibition. The dynamics of the given environment and the spontaneity of visitors open up the exhibition for further developments beyond artistic intention.

The Möhnesee is the largest lake in North-Rhine Westphalia, located between Kassel and Münster. Visitors to documenta and Sculpture Projects Münster can complete their triathlon at Möhnesee. The exhibition can best be reached from Körbecke, on the north side of the lake - in the wild lakeside area between the pedestrian bridge and the Westphalia Yacht club. The second part of the exhibition takes place from July 28th until September 10th 2017 at Kunstverein Arnsberg, and in August on the river Ruhr. The project will be further expanded by student workshops on location. There will be a comprehensive education program with guided tours from the lakeside and on the water. Entry, tours and performances are free.

Selected Works
Xavier Le Roy with Scarlet Yu Still Untitled (2017)
Michael Smith Not Quite Under_Ground (2017)
Ludger Gerdes Angst (1989)