Patrick Painter

Black & White

15 Jun - 13 Jul 2013

© Tatjana Doll
Adopt Me (no. 3), 2004-2005
Oil on canvas
61 x 90.5 inches (154.94 x 229.87 cm)
5 Artists 4 Cities
15 June - 13 July 2013

Valie Export, Francesca Gabbiani, Valerie Favre, Tatjana Doll, and Melli Ink

Patrick Painter, Inc. is pleased to present Black & White: 5 Artists 4 Cities, a group exhibition featuring the work of select artists from around the world, including: VALIE EXPORT, Francesca Gabbiani, Tatjana Doll, Valerie Favre and Melli Ink. The show will showcase the artists’ five distinct and varied styles using a variety of media including sculpture, painting, and photography.
Action Pants: Genital Panic (1969/2001) is Viennese artist VALIE EXPORT’s quintessential work.
Inspired by arthouse cinema and auteurism, in Action Pants: Genital Panic, EXPORT confronts the viewer with conflicting messages. You can come and get it, but at what price? Body Sign Action 2 (1982/2003) depicts EXPORT’s thigh tattooed with an image of a garter. The garter is a symbol of repressed sexuality in a world where a woman’s body bears out the rules and regulations created by men, a world where her body is a literal and figurative canvas.
Memories are paramount in Francesca Gabbiani’s work; they are frozen in time and space, creating intense moments of brilliance. Through intricate collages, such as Slasher (2005), this Los Angeles-based artist breaks the image down, only to reconstruct it through layering. These layers create a depth and perspective that is both painterly and sculptural. Gabbiani aims to create moments of memory for the viewer which are simultaneously familiar and unknown.
German artist Valerie Favre’s work engages issues of femininity using figurative painting. Her fictionalized bunny character has the head of a rabbit and the exaggerated feminine curves of a Playboy bunny. Part of a series, Lapine Univers (2005) and Lapine Univers Mit Augen (2005), invite the viewer into the inner life of the artist, through the lens of a fictional self-portrait. Her energetic brushstrokes reflect the vitality of her bunny alter-ego.
German artist Tatjana Doll primarily deals with everyday objects, and brings them into the context of painting. With Adopt Me Nr. 3 (2004), she paints a printed kitten adoption sign, which is eerily reminiscent of a missing child’s image printed on a milk carton. Through the sketchy quality of her brushstroke, she transforms the printed sign into an art object. Her work floats between the real and the abstract, while remaining accessible to the viewer.
Austrian-born Melli Ink lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. Her sculptures inhabit an area of tension; they display reality yet are at the same time impalpable and distant. Ink shows great range in her sculptures, some bearing a resemblance to the famed Blaschka glass models, others evoking Edward Gorey's gothic fantasies. In her sculpture Easy Prey (2007), Ink channels her set-design background into constructing a Venus fly trap out of delicate materials; glass and metal. The Venus fly trap is at once a delicate and dangerous.
In EXPORT’s decades-long career, she has exhibited at some of the most prestigious institutions in the world, including The Museum of Modern Art, New York and the Centre Pompidou, Paris.
Francesca Gabbiani is currently on view at Coagula Curatorial in Los Angeles, and her work can be found at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Valerie Favre recently had a solo exhibition with Galerie Peter Kilchmann in Zurich and Galerie Jocelyn Wolff in Paris. Melli Ink recently had solo shows at Greider Contemporary in Zurich and Galerie Thomas Schulte in Berlin.

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