Patrick Painter

John Newsom

19 Feb - 16 Apr 2011

© John Newsom
Father Figure, 2010-2011
Oil on canvas
84 x 120 in / 213.36 x 304.8 cm
Motifs and Methods & The Nocturne Paintings
19 February - 16 April, 2011

Patrick Painter Inc. is thrilled to present two simultaneous solo exhibitions, held in both the East and West Galleries by New York based painter John Newsom. These will be Newsom’s second and third solo exhibitions at Patrick Painter Inc. Accompanying the shows will also be the release of Newsom’s first comprehensive monograph titled, “John Newsom: Allegories of Naturalism,” published by CHARTA in cooperation with Patrick Painter Inc., and distributed worldwide by D.A.P.
Featured in the East Gallery of Patrick Painter Inc., Newsom will present the exhibition titled, “Motifs and Methods.” Self-explanatory to a degree, the 11 paintings that make up the exhibition were all created in the past two years. These oil paintings encapsulate and bring to a crescendo the detailed exploration of Newsom’s studio practice and iconography of the past seven years.
Bold, colorful and highly detailed renderings of naturalist themes such as fish, reptiles, insects, birds, flora, and fauna, along with a plethora of varying types of fruit and foliage are played against energetic backgrounds with visceral displays of paint handling. The varying degrees of mark-making takes the viewer on a painting odyssey from hard-edge abstraction, to expressionistic all-over painting, to aspects of color-field and Minimalism, through the lens of allegorical narrative and symbolic realism.
On display in the West Gallery of Patrick Painter Inc., is the other exhibition presented by Newsom titled, “The Nocturne Paintings.” This new series of 15 specific oil paintings represent a new turn and chapter in the development of Newsom’s oeuvre. Also created over the span of the last two years, along with the paintings in the East Gallery, the Nocturne series is Newsom’s first attempt at formal grisaille painting. These epic black and white paintings, with traces of silver, revolve around the specific subject of the owl. These 15 portraits of one of paintings’ most ancient themes relates directly to Newsom’s investigation of process and image within a natural pictorial element. Highly developed surfaces of impastos echo the magnetism and intensity of the individual owl’s gaze upon the viewer. We are welcomed into a realm of painting where a nocturnal surrogate is used to question us, the viewers, as much as we are used to questioning painting itself.
Newsom’s work is held in various public and private collections throughout the world. An upcoming solo exhibition will be held in New York City this fall at The Richard J. Massey Foundation for Arts and Sciences, and will be comprised of selections from the Foundation’s permanent collection. A catalogue with text by Nicola Trezzi will accompany the exhibition.

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