Patrick Painter


04 - 25 Aug 2007

© Peter Saul
Sardanapalus, 2005
Acrylic on cnavas
78 x 86 inches (198 x 218.4 cm)
August 4 - 25, 2007

R. Crumb, H.C. Westermann, John Newsom, and Peter Saul

Patrick Painter Inc. is pleased to present our summer exhibition,
Paradise. Curated by Heather Harmon the show includes the work of R. Crumb,
H.C. Westermann, John Newsom and Peter Saul. Presenting a challenging and humorous point of view, the artists present an alternate state of mind, referencing visual languages, pop iconography and elements of surrealism.
R. Crumb, leader of the underground comics movement, often comments on American life in the form of a satirical and sexually charged subject matter. In his very distinct style, Crumb includes two works on paper that combine a brilliant combination of text and visual imagery. H.C. Westermann, a sculptor and printmaker, typically examines ideas and conflicts in our own history. For Paradise, Westermann's three works on paper show the artist's dream-like landscapes that are fantasies of adventure and danger. Being a man of his time, Paradise is indeed the West and a place where he has the opportunity to define it using his own language.
Peter Saul and John Newsom are two artists now to the Patrick Painter stable. This exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate their entry into the gallery. Peter Saul is an artist that is wonderfully unafraid to illustrate ideas of politics and social heresy in a way that is both visceral and colorful. He often uses portraiture and history painting to convey these ideas. John Newsom explores themes of natural selection. In Paradise, Newsom exhibits a series of paintings that depict owls with small creatures dangling from their claws. These animals are facing the viewer with a pop backdrop of shapes and splashes of color.
Paradise is a state of mind as presented through the eyes of four American artists that deal with notions that are particular to this culture. Each of the artists share the renegade style of being bad boys for life.
The exhibition opens Saturday August 4 and will remain on view until August 25, 2007.

Tags: R. Crumb, John Newsom, Peter Saul