Pinakothek der Moderne

Draussen | Out There Landscape Architecture On Global Terrain

20 Apr - 20 Aug 2017

Jakarta | Indonesia. The Ciliwung River in the area of the district of Kampung Bukit Duri, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2011
Photo: © Jörg Rekittke
27 April ‐ 20 August 2017

In the public imagination, landscape architecture seems still to be determined by the desire to plan for harmony between the burgeoning advance of cities, on the one hand, and nature, on the other. But this idea ceased long ago to reflect the current state of a discipline that, in the face of the radical transformation of our planet, has since evolved in a more analytic, critical direction.

The premise of the exhibition ‘out there’ is that there is basically no corner of the Earth left in which the effects of urbanization, massive exploitation of fossil fuels, growing mobility, and unchecked pollution of air, soil, and water are not felt. The exhibition presents ten illustrative cases from across the world that vividly portray the interaction between city and surrounding environment, water cycles, and conditions both local and global. From Casablanca via Madrid and Changde to Kigali and Medellin: these research projects analyze highly complex situations, in order to begin to develop approaches for transformation.

The exhibition aims to give the public a deeper understanding of the changing concepts and strategies of landscape architecture in the present, and at the same time, to represent its growing importance for the future.