Pinakothek der Moderne

Grab a Seat

11 May - 03 Jun 2012

Schnell-Lebig (fast moving): Disabled students and the artist Rose-Marie Rychner. Kunstzentrum Hammerhof
11 May - 3 June 2012

'Ungeschminkt' (without make-up), 'Mehr Mut' (more courage), 'Horst' or 'Unser Wohlfühlplatz' (Our feelgood place) are the names of some of the 30 chairs that will be presented in a quite unusual show by Die Neue Sammlung. Unusual aesthetics, collage techniques, colorful over-painting and a carefree approach that often flies in the face of functionality all convey a totally different approach to design. A simple wooden chair is re-styled, transformed - the designers: persons with special needs. Visitors can ask themselves: Is that a topic for design? For art? Counter question: Why not? The museum also sees itself as a platform for open discussion. In 2012 Munich is hosting the Special Olympics, the national sports competition for people with intellectual disabilities. The art action organized by the diocese of Würzburg 'Nimm Platz - für eine inklusive Gesellschaft' (Grab a Seat - for an inclusive society) is part of the accompanying cultural program by the Culture Department of Munich. The chairs visualize and symbolize the place that the artists wish or see for themselves in society.
An exhibition by Die Neue Sammlung - The International Design Museum Munich - in cooperation with the Bavarian State Parliament, the Culture Department of the City of Munich and the Archbishoprics Munich and Freising, Pastoral persons with special needs.

Tags: P. Horst