Pinakothek der Moderne

Hella Jongerius & Louise Schouwenberg

10 Nov 2017 - 16 Sep 2018

Hella Jongerius, Possibilities, 2016
Installation view © Studio Hella Jongerius
Beyond The New
10 November 2017 ‐ 16 September 2018

The dutch product designer Hella Jongerius has been invited to develop a site-specific installation for the Paternoster Hall of the Pinakothek der Moderne.

Hella Jongerius has gained renown through her highly original combinations of craftsmanship and industrial production. Whether furniture, textile or ceramic designs, her work is to be seen as a symbiosis of high- and low-tech, past and present, traditional and innovative materials.

In 2015, Hella Jongerius teamed up with Louise Schouwenberg to write the manifesto “Beyond the New, A Search for Ideals in Design.” This manifesto criticizes an industry which calls for production to be geared towards the new and commercial success. By contrast, it is her conviction that industry can only truly exploit the potential of current production possibilities if it is willing to accept new challenges, which may be free and experimental in order to ensure high quality and sustainability.

For the exhibition Hella Jongerius is planning an installation comprising ten kinetic elements, which through projections, written language and large-format woven textiles will merge to form a harmonious whole that visualizes her design vision.