Zhanna Kadyrova

25 Mar - 11 Apr 2009

© Zhanna Kadyrova
'from the series "Diagrams"', 2008
metal wired concrete, glazed tile
“Calculation “

25th March - 11th April 2009
Opens on March 25, Wednesday, 18:00-21:00

Address: WINZAVOD Center for Contemporary Art, 4th Syromyatnichesky per., 1


The REGINA Gallery is happy to present CALCULATION, a personal show of Zhanna Kadyrova, young artist. With this show REGINA goes on to introduce Russian and foreign young talented artists to the Moscow viewer.

Zhanna Kadyrova emerged at the Moscow art scene in 2003, at the ART-KLYAZMA festival. Her HONOR BOARD impressed everybody with its powerful drive and young enthusiasm. In 2004 Zhanna becomes a “star” of the R.A.P. group, an association of young Kiev artists born by the “Orange Revolution”. The first artworks using ordinary construction materials, tiles, were displayed at the Zhanna Kadyrova’s personal show at REGINA 2005. In 2006 she creates DIAMONDS, an anti-glamorous object, and REGINA presents this artwork both at its gallery, and at the Moscow Art Fair (in 2008 DIAMONDS “shine” at the RUSSIAN POOR show in Perm).

Zhanna Kadyrova is a fountain of an artist who packages her temper, positive energy and diverse talents in sculpture art objects produced in the media which is rare today – in tiles, mortar, metal frames. The nostalgia socialist aesthetics the artist works is harmoniously combined with Kadyrova’s “subversive” ideas on the regulations of the socium, about its illusions and legends.

The concept of the CALCULATION show was born in 2006, and Zhanna realized it in sculptural compositions in the streets of Kiev and Shargorod. Diagrams and graphs are a reflection on the fluctuations of the market system, on the rise and fall of production and redistribution of human wealth. “Diagrams” swell and fall down under their own weight, combining persuasive material presence, physical weight with the mystery of their narration – the artist suggests that we should think not only about what diagrams say, but also of one simple fact: could they explain anything clearly to us? Market processes coded in stable heavy diagrams and in the fragments of graph curves spreading on the floor are a voluble testimony of the universal hysteria concerning the situation in the financial markets.

But Kadyrova’s CALCULATION is not final – the cunning nature of objects expresses their mobility (you can turn them any way, and it will be alright). So it is impossible to calculate precisely what is rising, and what is falling here without the help of some individual optimism.

The CALCULATION show at the REGINA Gallery presents 11 new sculptural compositions by Zhanna Kadyrova. The opening ceremony of the show will go on to the accompaniment of the HARDTENNIS electronic music group.

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