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Bedtime Stories Badtime stories

20 Jan - 26 Feb 2011

Exhibition view
20 January - 26 February 2011

Duncan Campbell Danilo Correale Giulio Delvè Franziska Lantz Laure Prouvost Reto Pulfer Maria Adele Del Vecchio
Bedtime Stories Badtime stories is structured as a narrative, in possible episodes, where the
triggered tale speaks of intimacy and its position in relation to external influence, the capacity (or lack of it) to screen, reject or welcome active time. A detailed, contradictory, shouting, hysterical, complex time that is not always important to recount; what is important is simply to decide to take it into account, investigating the point of juncture between tongue and language, assessment and proposal, comfort and discomfort, individual space and collective space.
The intersections between what exists around us and the intimate act of development of a poetic idea have always been in a position of dialogue and continuous exchange. The possibilities of reflection on what happens in reality cannot help but be considered starting with what we are and how we set about receiving ourselves in relation to the outside world.

Tags: Duncan Campbell, Danilo Correale, Giulio Delvé, Franziska Lantz, Laure Prouvost, Reto Pulfer, Maria Adele Del Vecchio