TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Institute is committed to fostering creativity and excellence in the arts in Iraq, and to providing artistic opportunities for Baghdad’s diverse communities. We endeavour to offer a broad and high-quality program of artistic and cultural events, performed by and for the community of Baghdad.

In particular, TARKIB is committed to supporting emerging Iraqi artists and young people who are developing their artistic talents or aspire to a career in the arts. TARKIB’s activities offer opportunities for guests to get actively involved, to try out new cultural activities or further develop skills.

As an independent institution for contemporary art TARKIB has a high degree of flexibility in creating its programs and addressing its audience. It is resource both for the people who make active use of it, and for those who participate in it as visitors.

Founded in 2015 as an independent artist group its members are coming from different fields: visual art, performing art, music, literature, film, interior design, architecture, graphic design and photography. Additionally, TARKIB is open to all who wants to make a change and relies on a network of committed voluntaries.

In June 2017, a new challenge has been taken: TARKIB moved in their own home: BAIT TARKIB.

BAIT TARKIB is Iraq’s first creative arts centre dedicated to contemporary arts. BAIT TARKIB will provide Baghdadi youth and women with a safe haven to express their ideas through exhibitions, public performances, trainings and workshops.

Through TARKIB’s future-orientated and participatory character it serves to community capacity building and opinion-forming. Through its activities TARKIB advance the careers and the creative processes of innovative emerging and mid-career artists.

TARKIB is a declaration of intent and an invitation to engage. It unfolds as a space of gathering, in which diverse forms of thinking enhance the understanding of what art can be.

Its You Who Can Make A Change!