AR Open

18 Nov 2021 - 28 Feb 2022

AR Open Baghdad 2021
Rooz Mohammed, Which One of Us, 2021
Karar Saad, Contradiction, 2021
Yousif Wameedh, The Pavilion of Life, 2021
Ali Ziyad, After Infinity, 2021
Noor Ahmed, Sheherazade, 2021
Zaid Saad, Concrete, 2021
Amir Akram, Narrow-mindedness, 2021
Mahmoud Rafid, Astronoball, 2021
Mouhanad Taha, The Forgotten Wall, 2021
Noor Ahmed, Amir Akram, Maryam Hazem, Sajat Mahmoud, Rooz Mohammed, Mahmoud Rafid, Karar Saad, Zaid Saad, Rand Saafa, Hassenein Saleh, Yousif Wameedh, Zeena Yasir, Ali Ziyad

Curated by Hella Mewis

AR Open is an art exhibition in public space space that presents via Augmented Reality (AR) new productions by Iraqi artists in Baghdad. The exhibition runs parallel to the 7th TARKIB Baghdad Contemporary Arts Festival in Al-Zawraa Park.

Artistic experiments, site-specific interventions, dreams and utopias shape the exhibition and merge the perception of the real and digital realm. Aesthetic traditions and new technologies unite in the production of the exhibition and offer a new approach to public space and the audience.

Young Iraqi artists, designers and architects worked together on the project and produced 17 artworks for the exhibition in a series of 3d-workshops. Many of the works relate to Iraqi reality and address social and personal issues that appear via Augmented Reality. The exhibition is on view via smartphone or tablet on site.

AR OPEN is a project by EMCUE and TARKIB in cooperation with GIZ-Private Sector Development and Employment Promotion Project (GIZ-PSD) and the Arpha Program for Art and Augmented Reality.


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