Whitechapel Gallery

The Street - Nedko Solakov

30 Mar - 18 May 2008

"The Street"

To launch the Whitechapel’s project, The Street, Solakov offers one lucky winner a unique, specially created artwork (see top image). To enter this year-long lottery, an item worth at least £5 must be purchased from Petticoat Lane Market. This item is then deposited at the project’s headquarters - The Shop, in Toynbee Street - along with the purchaser’s contact details. At the end of the year, a trader picks a winner from the accumulated archive.
Playing with traditions of commerce and exchange, Solakov simultaneously entwines and explores the economies of a street market and the art market.

A symposium with the artists and writers launches the year-long project on 30 March at Toynbee Hall. Click the link on the left for more information.

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