"In the Pink" , From the exhibition project at Galleri Gathe , Bergen, and Babel Visningsrom for kunst, Trondheim 2006

"We are situated in a pink bubble behind the surface of the painting. From the inside we see the painting as Ingela sees it. We fall in love, we dance to the sound of music. At the very limit of Ingela’s thoughts, in other words, at the farther end of the pink room, we find what the little boy with the empty ointment tube cried out in glee mixed with fear. Ingela felt his tingle, was moved by it and for short moments she regains her joy of painting, as testified by the videos and the window paintings. Her expression takes on an aspect of something uncontrolled and frightening, and thereby it gains a greater independence than that which is controlled by rationality. Maybe it is madness, but, according to Ingela, madness is exactly what art needs more of. So when you are in the pink room: Feel the madness and the directness of the expression! Painting is a basic way of expressing oneself. Can you recall the delight you experienced as a child when painting? You can if you try. Then you may go home and smear with paint. Whatever colour you choose."

From The catalogue text by Solveig Lønmo 2006

From the catalogue text for the exhibition project In the Pink, Babel art space, Trondheim.