Vibeke Tandberg's work is very much focused on her own psycho-social relationship to the surrounding world. She uses photography – often digitally manipulated – and film to deal with subjects such as identity and gender aspects, (female) beauty and its stereotyped reproduction in culture, youthful dreams and ambitions or authority, repeatedly using herself as subject and model in the works.

The settings of her photographic series' are frequently common life environments like household, family or holidays. Where she renounces digital manipulation, she often places her object within a sober, theatre-like scenario, thus concentrating on the medium's internal potential of manipulating human perception. This intention coincides with the technical perfection accomplished e.g. in Tandberg's digitally processed photographs or double exposed 16 mm-films.

By setting out her own personality in many of her works and subjecting it to a variety of metamorphosis', she elaborates a model of multiple identity and points out to the uncertainty and dependence of an individual within society.