Wineke Gartz is fascinated by the constantly shifting meaning of the photographed, projected and copied image, and its relation to the body and mind within time and (architectual) space. How are images being received, remembered or forgotten. Her work shows parallel realities and improbable combinations, mixes the ordinary and the heroic in an almost hallucinatory experience.

“Images and impressions are constantly bombarding me, flowing through my head, hands and body like a filter. I throw them back into the world. My activity involves an exploration of painting, text, photography, drawing, video & slides, (pop)music and sound, and the 3-D space. I put together still and moving images in a perpetual state of configuration/re-configuration. Of central importance in all my works is an inquiry into the multi-layered co-existence of images, realities and emotional states."

Within themes such as pain, hope, transformation, love and death, she analyses how images, time and spaces interrelate and how she can unify these opposites and dualities. The examination of these relationships are centered around filmed and still images both found and made by herself. Sources include her own observations, as well as fragments of movies, t.v., video-clips, art history, music/sound, magazines, and journals.

Intallations result in a complex structuring of the 2-dimensional (image) and the 3-dimensional (space), the architecture of the space forming a necessary contingent for the work to occur.