Marion Scharmann

Karin Suter / Nina Maria Küchler

13 Jun - 12 Jul 2014

© Karin Suter
(Unravel), 2014
leather, rope, plaster, horn, plinth
24 x 19 x 45 cm
© Nina Maria Küchler
ohne titel, 2013
graphite on paper on wood
40 x 30 cm
13 June - 12 July 2014

The exhibition combines sculptures by Rotterdam based Swiss artist Karin Suter (*1979) with drawings, intarsias and prints by Nina Maria Küchler (*1978) from Berlin.
Both artists, in reviewing the past, transfer visual languages, thoughts and concepts from art history, cinema and literature into the contemporary world.

Modernist and post-modernist artists, like Mondrian, Judd and Antonioni, hover like ghosts over Nina Maria Küchlers works – in two senses: as ›fathers‹ of her artistic approach and as ›shadows‹. Her pieces deal mainly with the fading and transformation of images through the reproductions in catalogues, the omnipresent internet and the vanishing traces of memory.

Karin Suter takes her inspiration from art history and literature, but also from astronomy and mythology. Processes are central to her work, where she juxtaposes natural materials with artifacts, confronts found objects with modelled shapes, and geometrical lines with free lines. We see ›precarious situations‹, which are nevertheless in perfect balance. Out of plaster, metal, glass, ceramics, wood, paper and fabric,and by accentuating the sensual aesthetic of the chosen materials, she creates poetic pieces in the tradition of Brancusi and Max Ernst.

Tags: Max Ernst, Piet Mondrian, Karin Suter