Belvedere 21

21er Raum: The Grasping

01 Dec 2016 - 22 Jan 2017

Exhibition View The Grasping, 21er Raum
Photo: © Belvedere, Vienna
01 December 2016 - 22 January 2017

Curated by Severin Dünser

The term ”Grasping” describes the process of realizing something intellectually and is used as a synonym for “Understanding”. Etymologically, the word is derived from the physical and haptic activity of touching. The exhibition revolves around the relations between manual action and intellectual cognition and thereby retraces the shaping of thoughts.

With works by Heinrich Dunst, VALIE EXPORT, Franziska Kabisch, Barbara Kapusta, Peter Weibel, Tina Schulz and Javier Téllez

Tags: Heinrich Dunst, Valie Export, Barbara Kapusta, Tina Schulz, Javier Téllez, Peter Weibel