Artmap is a nonprofit information platform, founded in 2001.

Considering Contemporary Art as the cultural heritage of tomorrow, Artmap is devoted to exploring the work of cultural producers and their contributions to the poetic and imaginary realm. It aims to pay tribute to their work, to present and preserve their ideas, share knowledge and trigger new productions.

Artmap is a public library and an open educational resource offering a dynamic platform for artists, institutions and scholars to publish and exchange information on Contemporary Art. Collaborative work and free content creation enable Artmap to provide a comprehensive service for professional and educational research.

Run by the Artmap Foundation for Cultural Heritage of Attitudes, Occurrences and Sociality in Berlin, Artmap operates with a wide international network of editors. The focus of the platform is on artistic work that is on view in online catalogues with images, videos, sounds, texts, books, biographies and events. The registration is free and available on invitation by our editors. The selective process for cultural professionals and venues is due to ongoing discussions with numerous advisers.

The Artmap odyssey started back in 2001 as a research project at University of the Arts in Berlin. It was originally launched as Artnews at Künstlerhaus Bethanien with admiration for the work of Wikipedia and UbuWeb. The sensibility of the subject and the vivid collaboration with artists and writers helped us reshape the project times and again upon the needs of the community.

Please take a moment to contribute too. If already listed, you can request a login and edit your programme, exhibitions and projects. All our services are free. All content is editable.

Currently Artmap can be edited by listed artists and venues, their representatives and our editorial team. This opens up the content for hundreds of authors and keeps it protected from unauthorized changes. Artmap offers thus a reliable framework for art professionals and a rich library on the moving heritage of Contemporary Art.