Belvedere 21

Hans Weigand

17 Jun - 13 Sep 2015

Exhibition view, Hans Weigand, 21er Haus
Photo: Sophie Thun, © Belvedere, Vienna
17 June - 13 September 2015

The 21er Haus exhibition Surfing is dedicated to the varied work of the Austrian artist Hans Weigand. Nearly twenty years after his last solo museum show in Vienna, this multi-genre exhibition presents a cross section of his art over forty years. Starting with his early photographic works, it moves onto his collaborative film projects with Heimo Zobernig and Jason Rhoades, and finally his lampshade designs and large-scale paintings that combine elements of printing, painting, and digital art. Above all, though, this exhibition showcases the development and stance of an artist who epitomizes a decisive moment in Austrian post-war art. Following the tradition of Oswald Oberhuber, Weigand adopts the principle of “permanent change in art” and Surfing traces and defines his individual, uncompromising path, as reflected in Weigand’s redesign of the upper floor’s architectural structure at the 21er Haus. Installations include a cabinet of curiosities, a mobile room, and a panorama – all offering unusual aesthetic experiences.

Tags: Oswald Oberhuber, Jason Rhoades, Hans Weigand, Heimo Zobernig