Belvedere 21

Rudi Stanzel

12 Feb - 16 May 2016

Rudi Stanzel
A Pile of Primes, 2016, Exhibition View
Courtesy Rudi Stanzel, Photo: © Wien/Viennа
„Link-Chain-Curtain“ & „A Pile of Primes“
12 February - 16 May 2016

Since the late 1980s Rudi Stanzel has produced works that look like paintings but can be more accurately described as objects in which paint takes center stage as a material. For his intervention in the Upper Belvedere, he has reduced his palette to just two colours. Stanzel has translated the handwriting of the philosopher, mathematician, and natural scientist Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz—who was a correspondent of Prince Eugene of Savoy—into a structure made of chain links, which simultaneously echoes and emphasizes the vertical structure of the staircase. Stanzel also reacts with chains to the situation in the Sala Terrena; in this case, however, he juxtaposes the space with a series of prime numbers, bringing their sequence to a new spatial (dis-)order.

Rudi Stanzel was born in Linz, Upper Austria, in 1958 and lives in Vienna. He studied under Peter Weibel at the University of Applied Arts Vienna after moving from writing to mime, from performance to film, and then to installations. His works have recently been on show in Vienna for Art’s Sake, Winterpalais, Vienna (2015); The Brancusi Effect, Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna (2014); China Revisited, Galerie Ulysses, Vienna (2014); Surface Content, Landesgalerie Linz (2012); Rudi Stanzel, Galerie Julius Hummel, Vienna (2011); and Painting: Process and Expansion, mumok, Vienna (2010), among others.

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