Belvedere 21

Sophia Süßmilch

Kann Ich Mal Die Braun?

12 Jul - 12 Aug 2018

Sophia Süßmilch, Kann Ich Mal Die Braun?
© Sophia Süßmilch
Kann Ich Mal Die Braun?
As Part Of The Exhibition Günter Brus. Unrest After The Storm
12 July – 12 August 2018

Curated by Harald Krejci

In her site-specific installation, the young performance artist Sophia Süßmilch responds to the actionist work of Günter Brus.

After varying presentations of works created by Günter Brus along with Arnulf Rainer, Jörg Schlick, and Dominik Steiger, Sophia Süßmilch reacts to the actionist work of Günter Brus with a painterly performance. The temporary installation, which will be created during her performance at Belvedere 21, will be on view for the remaining duration of the exhibition Günter Brus. Unrest after the Storm.

Sophia Süßmilch (born 1983 in Dachau, Germany) works across all genres, in and with all types of media. In her work she explores body constructions and politics, the art market, and the Universal in art. Her works oscillate between ironic distance and aggressive proximity, while humour is her main stylistic device to explore the absurdity of human existence. Sophia Süßmilch lives and works in Vienna and Munich.

Tags: Günter Brus, Harald Krejci, Arnulf Rainer, Rainer Fetting, Jörg Schlick, Dominik Steiger