303 Gallery

Three for Society

02 Jun - 27 Jul 2007

© 303 Gallery, New York, 2007

303 Gallery presents “Three for Society” a group exhibition inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s description of visitors to his cabin in Concord, Massachusetts. In his most well known book “Walden” Thoreau wrote “I had three chairs in my house: one for solitude, two for friendship, three for society.” He goes on to discuss his experience of having guests in his intimate interior space and his observations of communication indoors versus out of doors. “Three for Society” considers how interior and exterior spaces affect the manner and content of human expression.

The exhibition includes “Sunset at Makapu” by Mary Heilmann, “Blumenbild” by Hans Peter Feldmann and “Mt Williamson” by Florian Maier-Aichen which each express contemplation of mediated nature and Robert Boyd’s videos “Heaven’s Little Helper” and “Exit Strategy” from his Xanadu series comment on global conflict with ‘archival footage including that of doomsday cults, iconic political figures and global fundamentalist movements’. New sculpture/performance by Agathe Snow give concrete form to the geography of downtown New York, David Thorpe’s drawing “Greater Enclosure Pattern” respond to retreats into the natural world and Collier Schorr’s photographs from “Neighbors/Nachbarn” give way to the potential freedom afforded in the countryside.

In contrast, Rebecca E. Chamberlain’s ball-point ink paintings of 1930’s interiors describe underlying tension. This strain of being contained by the architecture is even more acute in Jakub Julian Ziolkowski”s paintings of interiors still lives with plants and trees that seem to be taking over each room, and “Castle #2”, a sculpture by Anne Chu of a far away structure that embodies power but in this case is too small to actually enter. A new sculpture and paintings by Tom Gidley share experiences of being both in and out of shelters and the complication of communicating in either state.

Special thanks to Participant Inc., New York, James Fuentes, LLC, New York, Foksal Gallery Foundation Foksal Gallery Foundation, Warsaw, Poland and Hauser and Wirth, London. Exhibition curated by Mari Spirito.

Tags: Anne Chu, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Mary Heilmann, Florian Maier-Aichen, Florian Maier–aichen, Collier Schorr, Agathe Snow, David Thorpe, Jakub Julian Ziolkowski