Adelaide Biennial


04 Mar - 07 May 2006

© Anne Wallace
Eames Chair, 2004
21st Century Modern
4 March - 7 May 2006

Curator: Linda Michael

Artists participating:
Brook Andrew, James Angus, Frank Bauer, Janet Burchill & Jennifer McCamley, Debra Dawes, Domenico de Clario, A. D. S. Donaldson, Gareth Donnelly, Diena Georgetti, Shane Haseman, Raafat Ishak, Narelle Jubelin, Anne-Marie May, John Meade, Arlo Mountford, Vanila Netto, John Nixon, Rose Nolan, Robert Owen, Andrew Petrusevics, Scott Redford, Jackie Redgate, Robert Rooney, David Rosetzky, Slave (A Slave Project organised by Nick Selenitsch, Rob McKenzie, Christopher L. G. Hill and Kain Picken, with contributions from Lizzy Newman, Mikala Dwyer and Grant Stevens), Daniel von Sturmer and Anne Wallace.

The Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art was first staged at the Art Gallery of South Australia in 1990. The Biennial has a very important place in the contemporary visual arts calendar in Australia, providing regular surveys of current Australian art practice.
Each of the nine Biennials (staged over sixteen years) has had a different curator who has brought an original and different perspective highlighting new and exciting trends of contemporary art practice in Australia.
The 2006 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art: 21st Century Modern, curated by Linda Michael, is a selective cross-section of contemporary art practice, highlighting several generations of artists whose work is influenced by modernism. Artists respond to the collaborative, experimental or utopian spirit of modern art movements, give a digital twist to modern forms, pay homage to modern artists, and revive their childhood encounters with modern design across its multidisciplinary forms.
“In 2006 the Biennial recognises the continuing importance of modern art to contemporary artists, whether for its inventiveness, utopian spirit, or formal qualities. The exhibition shows a shift away from the melancholic or critical approach to modernist art history that was common in art of the 1980s and 1990s”, says Linda Michael, curator for the 2006 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art.

Tags: Brook Andrew, James Angus, Janet Burchill, Mikala Dwyer, John Nixon, Rose Nolan, David Rosetzky, Daniel von Sturmer