A Gentil Carioca

Jarbas Lopes

25 Nov 2017 - 15 Jan 2018

Exhibition view - building 17, room 1
25 November 2017 – 15 January 2018


An ordinary woman, another sofiesticada, living in the scenario reserved for each person and her class, in common, time passing, industrial cement and ceraamicas, rocks and noble woods.
The attentions are strategically directed to the political class, while the private economic class, dresses of lamb prejudiced in the intentions of certain development.
In the joy of sexual liberation, it opposes the executive evangeelico contention, laa goes the people of the devils and dedeus, hour one, another hour, transforming the balance in seesaw. If Dioni’sio has wine, Ap010 has coffee.
It made me sadder that the g0vern0 of tarba1had0res is losing the chance of giving, once and for all, the same experience as the last season, which will be more fruitful. It includes employers, even those who work from work, work and work, even though they do not work Part1 natura1 in the house, part0 natura1 n0 quinta1, part0 natura1 without mur0s, part0 natura1 landscape. And so all the children wouldn ́t be at school, together with those who are in the streets and in the streets, all the way, in the mouth, on the blackboard, in the black universe.

Bj A Guilherme Zarvos.

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