Air de Paris


09 Sep - 25 Nov 2006


We invite you to take part in a dominoes game. This game will be running from September 9th until November 25th 2006 and will constitute step by step a group exhibition at Air de Paris.
The game will start on September 9th with "Sydne Rome", a work by Ingrid Luche.

This work will be joined very soon by others and the exhibition space - of which two rooms are currently empty - will be filled in little by little. At this point, we are able to announce in order of appearance:

Saul Fletcher
Ingrid Luche
Dorothy Iannone
Kinke Kooi

Besides Air de Paris, external players like Trisha Donnelly and Elaine Sturtevant will take part and play: they will propose artworks in relation to specific pieces exhibited in the show.
You can follow this game of DOMINOES on Air de Paris's website.

Tags: Trisha Donnelly, Saul Fletcher, Dorothy Iannone, Ingrid Luche, Elaine Sturtevant, Sturtevant