Esther Tielemans

06 Sep - 04 Oct 2008

© Installation View
acrylic, lacquer on plywood
220x470x470 cm, 2002

“And it all seemed so nice” is the ambiguous title which Tielemans had chosen for her first exhibition at Galerie Akinci in March 2002. Tielemans paints 'idyllic' landscapes, which make us, think of paradise, but at the same time let us guess the contrary. Black parts, grey spots and ominous shadows contrast colourful and voluptuous landscapes where vegetation grows in abundance. The works can have monumental dimensions: they can form walls, which capture the viewer rigorously in this world. Tielemans seduces also by the materials she uses: on top of acrylic paint she splashes epoxy and thick layers of lack paint, which make the surface smooth and shiny. Instead of canvas she uses multiplex. These object-like paintings made on and with industrial materials seem to float in the space.

In her works several worlds encounter: figurative and organic elements meet with the abstract almost brutal strokes and stripes, gentle painterly elements contrast with graphic elements, natural elements oppose the artificial.

Esther Tielemans finished her studies at the Rijksakademie Amsterdam in 2003. Tielemans had two solo exhibitions at Galerie Akinci and Galerie Zürcher in Paris (2003 and 2005). She was awarded with the Prix de Rome in 2005.
Recent publications: catalogue Prix de Rome, 2005 and catalogue Esther Tielemans, 'Mise en Scène', published by Galerie Akinci and Galerie Zürcher in 2005. Recent show: guest artist invited by Lily van der Stokker, Plug In # 27, Van Abbe Museum, May -
December 2007
Upcoming January 2008: Prix de Rome Installation and other recent works at Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

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