Moyna Flannigan

10 Jun - 15 Jul 2006


Moyna Flannigan makes paintings which appear as portraits, but works from neither sitters or directly from photographs. She says of her work "They may feel like portraits, but I rather work from memory (both individual and collective) to produce (identifiable, social) fictional characters, and thereby a fictional portrait of the styles, manners and culture of contemporary life". Her paintings are as much about process as about subject matter, "my work has focuses on subverting the traditional idea of the portrait as a testament to the individual". Flannigan builds up her paintings with many layers of paint to construct familiar yet very individual "collective" portraits which offer portraiture out in a new and wider sense. In this exhibition, Flannigan will exhibit her latest paintings which further her previous work by exploring aspects of androgyny, in a physical, psychological and very British sense. Moyna Flannigan has work in the Saatchi collection, and the collection of the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. She has made exhibitions in London, Rome and Budapest as well as having exhibited extensivley in Scotland.

© Moyna Flannigan
Do you wonder sometimes
oil on linnen
65x55 cm

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