Moyna Flannigan

23 Feb - 30 Mar 2013

© Moyna Flannigan
Heart of Glass, 2013
oil on linen
90 x 75 cm
The Body Stretches to the Edge
23 February - 30 March 2013

In her new paintings and drawings Moyna Flannigan tears up previous notions of representation of the self and builds a new model, making reference to an underlying conflict between individualism and conformity. InThe Body Stretches to the Edge women are grouped in formation, seemingly led by a protagonist who initiates the movement in a familiar space in which the normal order of things is absent. They appear to be locked in an endless search neither knowing what they are looking for or if they are going in the right direction. The notion of time and memory is introduced through the use of fracturing of the body and jarring of forms, and colours across the painting from edge to edge: like a film being cut, rewound, frozen, or edited. The jarring of bodies and modernist forms draws attention to the artifice of the medium and allows for moments of comedy in their bizarre appearance and pointlessness of their actions. When the action stops a new quality of stillness emerges which demands a special intensity of attention.

Moyna Flannigan (1963, Kirkcaldy, Scotland, lives and works in Edinburgh). She had her MFA at the Yale University School of Art in the USA and her BA at the Edinburgh College of Art, UK. Flannigan had many international shows in galleries and museums. Recent shows are: Women Artists of the Pizzuti Collection, USA (2012), Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh (solo 2010), Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow (2012), City Art Centre, Edinburgh (2012), Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven (NL, 2011), Andy Warhol Museum (USA, 2010), Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh (solo 2010), Stephen Friedman Gallery, London (2009) etc.

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