Alison Jacques

Among Flesh

12 May - 04 Jun 2011

Installation view
Cecilia Edefalk / Dan Fischer / Annie Kevans / Graham Little / Michael Van Ofen / Daniel Silver / Anj Smith / Neal Tait / Vicky Wright / Thomas Zipp
12 May - 4 June 2011

Centering on a particularly expressive strain of the figurative in contemporary art, Among Flesh brings together new work by ten international artists working on paper, canvas and through sculpture.
The exhibition explores the notions of a number of English Modernist writers, notably Virginia Woolf, W.H. Auden and E.M. Forster, who appealed for a liberation from the sterilities of rational humanism and delusions of human separateness in favour of an 'embodied modernism'. This notion envisaged modes of representation that locate human being in the body as well as the mind, and the body's connections beyond itself, where it touches 'the flesh of the world'.

Each artist in the exhibition - whether through intensely detailed mark-making in graphite, impastoed oil or lumpen rock - has been concerned in their practice to dwell on the human, the flesh of the world that they have encountered, however exquisite and stirring, ignoble or carnal.

Tags: Cecilia Edefalk, Dan Fischer, Graham Little, Michael van Ofen, Daniel Silver, Anj Smith, Neal Tait, Thomas Zipp