Almine Rech

John Tremblay

25 Apr - 19 May 2007

'Building a Better Mushroom' (detail)
Acrylic and paint marker on canvas
160 x 193 cm

Galerie Almine Rech in Paris is proud to announce for the first time a John Tremblay personal exhibition. He will present, on the ground floor of the gallery, a collection of new paintings.In his works, John Tremblay reinterprets the 1960s plastic experiments (Op Art, cinetic art and minimalism), borrows shapes such as ovals or acid coloured 'squircles' (contraction of square and circle). John Tremblay's abstract paintings lead the spectator to an optical exploration of patterns and colours, thus creating a spatial game between shapes and background. His vigorous paintings give a feeling of movement and speed.
Though inspired by Op Art, John Tremblay also introduces a dialogue between the history of modern abstraction and developments of more recent contemporary culture. His paintings refer to graphic design, cinema, music and other tools from the consumption culture that also appear in the titles of his paintings " It is true the titles are leading, and they should be, [...] action is inferred, but keep in mind each title must be addressed individually with the work it belongs to. The titles don't necessarily form a collective of some elaborate cohesive whole. One of the freedoms of abstract painting, is that it opposes, or doesn't oppose, or could be indifferent to, conventional narrative and time. The title puts the object into action instead of just sitting on the wall passively. " *
* John tremblay, extract of the book 'John tremblay' by Vincent Pécoil, ed. Jean-Michel Place, 2005

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