Alon Segev

Nir Hod

05 May - 06 Jun 2008

© Nir Hod
Installation View III, 5.5.08-6.6.08

NOVA7, which consists of a body of work from the last two years, is an expression of Hod's ever-evolving artistic vocabulary. The images direct us to imaginary, movie-like worlds which are comprised of drama, pain, sex and a dark but luring life-style.
Even though the images paint a picture of an illusional reality, they could also be defined as memory pieces that function as a means of mourning.
In addition to these paintings, an installation has been constructed in the gallery. This installation lies on the seam between an intimate hosting room and a vast public hall, and seems to portray the end of a meaningful occurrence in which all the elements are traces of a recent past. The environment built by Hod allows us to recall his qualities as an installation artist; weaving different ways of perception into a theater of charged imagery, which is at once decadent yet also purposeful.

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