Andreas Grimm

Lisa Tan

04 May - 16 Jun 2007

"The Baudelaire Itineraries"

May 4 – June 16, 2007
Opening: May 3, 2007

Andreas Grimm and Adrian Rosenfeld are pleased to announce the opening of Lisa Tan The Baudelaire Itineraries. This is the second solo exhibition of New York based artist Lisa Tan at Grimm|Rosenfeld Munich.
For the exhibition Tan has created travel itineraries to see works of art referenced in the footnotes of Charles Baudelaire’s review of the Salon of 1846.* The minimal installation consists of both text-based works on canvas and photographs which are all unique pieces. The highly aestheticized “paintings” are paired with the photographs of the source material. The series explores how art is experienced and how our understanding of the world is always filtered though the history of representation.
There are a total of nine works in the exhibition and each work is based on a single page taken from the Baudelaire Review. Based on rigorous research, the spare formal aspects of the framed canvases exist in contrast to their rich and complex content. Focusing on the pivotal year 1846, just two years before revolution brought Louis Napoleon to power and marked the start of the events leading to the second empire in France, the series focuses on the end of the Romantic movement and the beginnings of Decadence which Baudelaire, as a dandy and Symbolist poet, was a leading figure.
Christian Rattemeyer has written about Tan’s works: “They encompass simple gestures, documentation, charts and appropriations that, despite their visual economy, somehow never look overly “designed,” thanks to the sincere, even romantic sensibilities they evince...she maps journeys both real and imaginary, focusing not on her relationships with others but on solitary longing and desires...Her work introduces a timely sense of personal emotional investment at a moment when sentiment is being rediscovered in the histories of Conceptual art.” (“First Takes,” Artforum, January 2006)
Lisa Tan’s work has recently been on view at LAXART in Los Angeles, at Grimm|Rosenfeld New York, and in group exhibitions in New York at venues such as Artists Space and Harris Lieberman. Tan will be working with HaudenschildGarage to produce a project later this year in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

* All works are derived from Jonathan Mayne’s Art in Paris 1845-1862, Salons and other Exhibitions, Reviewed by Charles Baudelaire, published 1965 by Phaidon Press Limited. The footnotes are a combination of Baudelaire’s and Jonathan Mayne’s.

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