Andreas Grimm

Terry Haggerty

19 Jan - 03 Mar 2007

"Inside Out"

January 19 – March 3, 2007
Opening January 18, 7-9 pm

Andreas Grimm and Adrian Rosenfeld are pleased to announce the opening of Inside Out, the first solo exhibition of New York based artist Terry Haggerty in Munich. The exhibition features nine recent works from 2006 and two site specific wall drawings.
Terry Haggerty (born 1970 in London) studied painting at the Cheltenham School of Art in Gloucestershire and currently lives and works in New York.
Haggerty makes paintings with a technique that involves building up fine layers of paint and varnish, to a level where we see no evidence of brush stroke. With simple line combinations, surfaces are navigated in and out of view, appearing to disappear inside the structure of the support. Lines are seemingly broken with an illusionary gesture that at times alludes to simple everyday objects like air vents and radiators. Haggerty is able to weed the repetitious structures and apply them to his desired effect. We are made aware of the physical attributes of the support that in some cases takes on an object-like appearance. With finely calibrated color combinations lines begin and end, converge and zig-zag the boundaries set. Oscillating between two and three dimensions, every unit of space is activated. The artist maintains an important conversation with abstract painters, settling in that most interesting space between optical effect and pure geometric abstraction.
Haggerty’s wall drawings mark a logical extension of the paintings, shifting the painting support to the architecture of the exhibition space. We see the essential dimensions of the wall determining the works' formal properties. This reveals itself most apparently in the paintings that take on architectural elements. The wall paintings become part of the architecture and redefine the proportions of the space. The enlarged scale of line and color create a more physical experience that parallels certain familiar experiences generated in our daily lives.

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