Andreas Huber

Evasive Action

15 Nov - 22 Dec 2007

© Volker Eichelmann
Untitled # 159 (Lines), 2007
Collage auf Papier
45 x 32 cm
Volker Eichelmann, Christian Frosi, Mani Hammer, Marzena Nowak, Mandla Reuter, Florian Schmidt

November 15th – December 22nd 2007
Opening: Wednesday, November 14th, 2007, 7 p.m.

With the exhibition „evasive action“, Galerie Andreas Huber presents works from young international artists working in different ways with strategies of appropriation, not rarely leaving behind formal irritations in doing so. They all refer to a performative mobility of production’s aesthetics which can be described with the ethnological term of displacement activities: a mode of action which is receptively conceived as odd, unexpected, as it appears outside a linkage of behaviour within which it served an immediate aim. This gesture allows new references with which the relationship towards media as well as sculpture or painting, however ultimately also towards art history can be newly treated.
In her small works on paper, Berlin-based artist Mani Hammer (born 1970) shows various imagery worlds oscillating between cosmology and constructivism which defy the great promises of modernity, and appear as sketches of an imaginary path leading into an other, possibly long-gone world.
Volker Eichelmann’s (born 1973, lives in London) collages are part of a general analysis of artistic production methods. In a playful manner, they push the borders between formal interests and information aesthetics.
The abstract networks of lines of the Polish artist Marzena Nowak (born 1977 in Warsaw) are paper patterns of remnants transferred onto canvas. By means of this production’s aesthetics, the artist subverts the fragility and audacity of forms of abstraction commonly categorised as sublime or avant-garde.
Florian Schmidt’s (born 1980, lives in Vienna) drawings and sculptures unite fragmented aspects of modern art history in abstract narrations. Knowing their paragons, they indicate a range of variations of statics and movement, abstraction and realism, gesture and border, geometry and organics.
The installations and works of Mandla Reuter (born 1975 in Nqutu / South Africa) introduce modified perceptive layers of space, and in doing so create places which make the viewer feel uncanny what exactly she or he is in fact looking at.
Christian Frosi (born 1973 in Milan) presents surprising and subtle video works and installations in which he deals with ideas such as the subject, quality, the public and formal progress, and their reciprocal dependencies.
The works are on show from November 15 through December 22, 2007.

Tags: Volker Eichelmann, Christian Frosi, Marzena Nowak, Mandla Reuter, Florian Schmidt