Andreas Huber

Judith Hopf

14 Nov 2009 - 09 Jan 2010

© Judith Hopf
“Some Ends of Things”

November 14, 2009 – January 9, 2010
Opening: Friday, November 13 7 pm

Judith Hopf has recently been exploring the field of discernable beginnings and ends of processes. In the course of her research, the artist came across the term „exhaustion“.
Exhaustion, or fatigue, in a sense as, for instance, Samuel Beckett represents, features two directions:
The exhaustive, and the exhausted. A possible interpretation could be: Do the possibilities exhaust him/her – or is he/she exhausted because he/she has exhausted the possibilities?
“...In her art, Judith Hopf deals with stories and aesthetics associated with the sphere of everyday culture, using forms of expression as performance, video, sculpture, and works on paper. Her choice of medium, however, is less decisive than her passionate interest in the field where politics, art, and theory overlap, which can be considered as the frame of reference for many of her projects. Other regular features of her work are a paradoxical panopticon of self-portrayal and a belief in a brightly colored, glamorous pop poetic...”
(excerpt from the press release of the show in the Viennese Secession, 2006)
“some ends of things”, Judith Hopf’s second solo exhibition at Galerie Andreas Huber, will present new sculptures and drawings of the artist, which have been developed along this line of questions.

Special thanks to Cordula Frank, feuer-zeug-keramik, Berlin.

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