Marilyn Minter

23 Oct - 16 Nov 2008

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Oct 23 - Nov 16, 2008

The Pam Show. Andréhn-Schiptjenko is pleased to present its third solo-exhibition by Marilyn Minter, one of USA ́s most distinguished artists. The exhibition opens Thursday October 23, at 5–8 pm, in presence of the artist.

Ever since photographing her mother in her home in Ft.Lauderdale in the 1960’s, creating what has become a seminal work, Coral Ridge Towers, soiled glamour has preoccupied Minter for almost four decades. Her extreme, large–scale close-ups of body parts, covered in sweat, dirt, makeup, pearls or soap bubbles show details that at times push the image past the point of abstraction. Minter ́s paintings may seem hyper-real at distance but the surface dissolves at close range. The image used to create a painting is never a straight photo, Minter’s references are produced by scanning multiple negatives and combining them in Photoshop to make an entirely new image, then used to make a new painting. By working both with painting and photography she examines the relationship between them and exhibits them together. - Speaking of the relationship between the two Minter says:

“...I am not really a photorealist. My paintings are never reiterations of the photographs. The photos are like drawings to me...those photos that shouldn’t be painted (because they are “perfect photos”) remain as photos and are shown as photography.”

All the works in The Pam Show, originate from a photo session last year with actress and pin-up Pamela Anderson. In addition to these photos, Minter will present one new painting, entitled Barbed Wire.

In Minter’s images of her, Anderson is almost unrecognisable as the icon she has become through media. Pamela Anderson, as image and media figure, embodies issues that Marilyn Minter has been examining for many years - how media influence our understanding of gender, sexuality and desire. These photos also call into question the distinction between artistic and popular media, high and low culture.

Marilyn Minter’s work has recently been seen in the Whitney Biennial 2006, San Francisco Museum for Contemporary Art (solo) and is currently on view at Fotomuseum Winthertur (CH) in the show Darkside. Upcoming shows include Regen Projects, Los Angeles; Salon 94, New York; Site Sante Fe and Pretty is as Pretty Does; Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, OH.

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