Andrew Kreps

Commercial Psycho

12 Jul - 24 Aug 2012

Exhibition view
12 July - 24 August 2012

The Andrew Kreps Gallery is pleased to present Commercial Psycho, curated by Will Benedict and including works by Chantal Akerman, Clegg & Guttmann, Jan Groover, Suzy Lake, Mark Leckey, Sabine Reitmaier, Franz Erhard Walther, William Wegman, and Christopher Williams.

The exhibition is a look at the distance between commercial work and experimental conventions and how a host of issues such as duration, repetition, the division of labor and gender are managed in this dichotomy, how they cross over into each other and can create a comfortable or uncomfortable schizophrenia.

Will Benedict is an artist living in Vienna. Recent exhibitions include Bonjour Tourist, Gio Marconi, Milan (2012) and Bread and Butt (with Julie Verhoeven), Galerie Meyer Kainer, Vienna (2012). Since 2008 he has run the exhibition space Pro Choice with Lucie Stah

Tags: Chantal Akerman, Will Benedict, Clegg & Guttmann, Suzy Lake, Mark Leckey, Julie Verhoeven, Franz-erhard Walther, Franz Erhard Walther, William Wegman, Christopher Williams